Power of Local

Bright Farms

Our mission is to improve the health of both the planet and society through low-impact supply chains that let people eat more whole, fresh foods. By growing locally in our Chicagoland Greenhouse, BrightFarms provides delicious, sustainable, fresh produce to surrounding towns, all year round. And that’s just part of the story.

When you buy local produce from BrightFarms, you’re helping to create dozens of local green-collar jobs. And those farmers and other BrightFarms staff are members of the local community, so a lot of the money they make gets spent locally, helping boost area businesses. And with no long-distance transport, our veggies and herbs come to market with minimal impact on the local environment. Buying local is a decision you can feel great about in so many ways!

Grow locally, year round in our Greenhouse
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Provide fresh, sustainable produce
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Money made gets spent locally
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Help boost local area businesses
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