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At BrightFarms, we grow all of our plants in controlled environment hydroponic greenhouses. We give our plants the ideal environment to thrive! We employ world-class growers to care for our crops and train our employees. Their growing methods, and attention to plant health and nutrition, guarantees high quality flavor.

We are GMO and Pesticide Free. We use integrated pest management (IPM) and grow in the spirit of the organic movement, with a focus on conserving natural resources and promoting health and wellbeing. We are not certified organic.

You can find more information about our open positions on our website: http://brightfarms.com/s/#!/talk_to_us/careers . Please send your resume and cover letter to recruitment@brightfarms.com. Please make sure you specify what position you would like to apply for. We will continue to update the site as additional opportunities become available.

Internships are listed on our recruitment page, if available: http://brightfarms.com/s/#!/talk_to_us/careers